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Vision and Statement

Vision and Statement

AstrologyPsych is an organization created to provide the ‘Black star’ Experience. Ghana is often called the Gold Coast or Black star. AstrologyPsych has twinned with the Ghana Cultural and Voluntary Society (GCV) to create a positive representation of Ghana globally by selling services and products from Ghana- the ‘Black’ star.


Astrology Psych aims to globally sell private label jewellery and made to order ornaments . All products sold come from Ghana, previously called the Gold coast and 100% authentic Gold, Silver or Bronze. Our artisans are experienced and all products can be made to order. If seeking a product not shown please contact us.


As most products are made to order please allow 20-30 days shipping.


47A Senchi Street, Airport Residential , Accra , Ghana
Support hours: Monday-Friday
10am-3pm GMT

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