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All About Astrology

support our charitable aims.

Your contribution makes a big impact on the livelihoods of artists within Ghana

From Ghana To The World.


AstrologyPsych was created to provide the ‘Black star Experience’ by offering private label, wholesale and dropshipping contacts from Ghana. 



The mission of Ghana Cultural Voluntary and Charity Youth organisation is to advance the knowledge and appreciation of Ghanaian artists worldwide. Offering education, exhibition, and communication for Ghanaian artists, as well as support with promoting emerging artists. In living wisdom was created to promote Ghanaian artisans specialising in the divination arts.

We are a non-profit organisation who depend on charity and sales from astrology readings to support our charitable aims.

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What is Astrology

Astrology is an art form that centres the study of the connection between planets and life on earth. It is based on a concept that energy patterns form between other planets and earth; and that these energies affect our lives as individuals and communities.

 An astrological chart, also known as a horoscope, natal chart, or birth chart, records the relationship between the planets and the Signs of the Zodiac. Charts can be calculated for the birth of a person, a community, an event or anything that seems momentous. The horoscope is as individual and unique as a fingerprint.

When using these interpretations, please bear in mind that, inevitably, every chart will contain some contradictory influences, and as a result, certain interpretations of different items in the same chart may seem difficult to reconcile. However, this may still be an accurate reflection of your chart, as it is likely that you do experience conflicting desires, events and circumstances in your life. Usually, it is the responsibility of an astrologer to synthesise these apparent contradictions in order to present a cohesive and meaningful interpretation of the dilemmas of the chart.

Please also know each person has positive and negative influences in the chart, and therefore in their lives. The challenge is to accept and overcome the negative influences so that we can successfully focus on positive traits. This report outlines both influences, and therefore parts may be difficult to accept. Any advice given is meant to be an aid to a person taking responsibility for their own lives. The ultimate decision rests with everyone. The author and publisher accept no liability for any adverse effects of this report.

We are based at 47A Senchi Street, Airport Residential , Accra , Ghana

In depth Personality trait reading

For these readings, you will need to provide a birthday, i.e. 05 May from there, I will help describe the Sun sign, some characteristics, and a full description of an individual’s personality. Tell me a date of birth and I will provide a detailed, honest personality profile within 3 working days, via email or Fiverr. Typically, 1 page PDF file.

This is meant for entertainment and fun, so if the definitions don't resonate, that's okay! Some character traits come from other planetary aspects!

NOTE: This is a digital product and will be delivered via email or via Fiverr. I will not use your email for any purpose other than this transaction.

We are a non-profit organisation who depend on charity and sales from astrology readings to support our charitable aims.

Your contribution makes a big impact on the livelihoods of artists within Ghana. There are many pathways to give, and we want you to pick the one that feels best for you. By purchasing an astrology reading you will obtain an in depth personality reading whilst aiding others.

We offer in depth Sun sign readings designed to help you trust yourself and your path so you can stop worrying and start enjoying life more.

You’ll walk away feeling, validated, and affirmed, confident that everything is working out for you. We hope to share a new perspective that will provide additional clarity and excitement around a person’s most pronounced personality traits.


Be Part Of Something Great

Join us today, and be part of Ghana's bright future. This is your chance, this is your chance to be part of the voice and change. You can make a difference.

From A Nugget to a Bullion.

Services from Ghana

Support our mission to sell sustainable products from Ghana

Purchase a catalogue and be put in contact with Ghanaian manufacturers



AstrologyPsych is an organisation created to provide the ‘Black star’ Experience. Ghana is often called the Gold Coast or Black star. AstrologyPsych has twinned with the Ghana Cultural and Voluntary Society (GCV) to create a positive representation of Ghana globally by selling services and products from Ghana- the ‘Black’ star.


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